Crown and Bridge

What is a Crown?
  • When a tooth is too badly damaged, a normal filling is not good enough.
  • A crown is a covering that is made to be cemented over the whole tooth to restore the damaged area.
  • The crown acts like a cap around the tooth, sealing the tooth and protecting it from any further damage.
Why do a crown?

The following are typical reasons for doing a crown:

  • The pre-existing decay or filling is too large, and has weakened
  • The tooth, needing a crown to protect it properly.
  • The tooth that had Root Canal Treatment done previously.
  • To improve the appearance of a tooth that is mis-shaped or discoloured.
How is a crown done?
  • Your dentist will do a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine if a crown is needed.
  • The tooth is trimmed to make space for the crown and moulds are taken for the crown to be custom made in a dental laboratory.
  • When the crown is ready, it is firmly cemented over the tooth
What is a Bridge?
  • A Bridge is a special dental restoration for replacing missing teeth using crowns on the adjacent teeth.
  • The teeth at the side of the missing area are trimmed and the bridge is cemented permanently to replace the missing teeth.
  • Compared to other methods of replacing missing teeth, the bridge is significantly more comfortable than a denture andis cheaper than a dental implant.
What are Crowns and Bridges made of?
  • They can be made of full porcelain, full metal or a combination of porcelain and metal.
  • For the metal portion, there are also various options available depending on the amount of gold content of the alloy.
  • The price of the crown is also dependent on the material used.
How to look after Crowns and Bridges?
  • It is important to keep the gums around the crown or bridge healthy, so proper brushing and flossing is essential.
  • Do be careful of using the crown or bridge to bite on extremely hard items like bones or crabs otherwise there is a risk of chipping the porcelain portion.
  • Do also go for your regular check-ups every 6 months for the dentist to check the crown or bridge.