Dentures are removable appliances with artificial teeth. They are made of plastic (acrylic) or a combination of plastic and metal (cobalt chromium). Alternatively you can also ask for flexible dentures. The innovation of the bio compatible flexible material allows the dentures to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth.


There are basically two types of dentures:

1. Partial dentures: if you have lost some of your teeth

2. Complete/Full dentures: if you have lost either all your upper or lower teeth

Fabrication usually takes a few visits whereby during the first visit, the dentist makes a molded impression of the teeth to be sent to a dental laboratory. You may be asked to return to the clinic for “trying-in”. Once completed, the dentures will be issued to you. Dentures tend to accelerate bone loss which makes dentures wearing more uncomfortable in later years. It is recommended that dentures should be replaced every 3-5 years