Teeth whitening KL / Selangor

Get teeth whitening services in KL or Selangor from us. After years of eating, smoking, drinking coffee or teas, teeth can lose their brilliance and become stained. We offer the latest Procedures and Products for Teeth Whitening available in market today.


Visit us and discover about all the possible options and costs. Numerous over-the-counter tooth whitening products are now available, but dentist supervised whitening remains the safest and most effective method to whiten your teeth.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most conservative ways to brighten up your smile. There are no painful needles or grinding required in teeth whitening procedures. It can be used as a single procedure or in combination with other treatment to achieve the most desirable cosmetic outcome.

Teeth whitening treatment options

In general, there are two treatment options. If you want to get the result fast, you can opt for the in-clinic procedure or “Power Bleaching”. We use state-of-the-art light-activated professional whitening systems where both the whitening formulation and the light source have been tested and licensed for safety and efficacy. However, if you wish to have more control and see how your teeth transform gradually, you can opt for our professionally prescribed and supervised “Home Whitening” system.


Teeth whitening can be fun and easy to use. Before you get started, a thorough consult with our dentist is essential to find out about your exact condition before an appropriate treatment plan can be recommended to you that best suits your needs and expectations. Your Dream Smile is just a call away!